A Perilous Obsession

L.A. entertainment executive Taylor Fairchild and her rock musician lover, Craig Phillips, have returned from a harrowing ordeal in Mexico where they nearly lost their lives at the hands of a vicious drug lord.
    Chelsea Gardener is a megafan whose life revolves around Craig and his music. Looking harmless, even ordinary, Taylor and Craig have no warning that Craig’s “number one fan” suffers from erotomania, the mental disorder that causes celebrity stalkers to believe their victims are in love with them. What begins as a celebrity crush by a young fan hanging around Craig’s recording studio soon develops into a dangerous obsession where mentally-unstable Chelsea believes she and Craig belong together, and that Taylor is in the way of that fantasy future.
    After Taylor is hunted down and threatened, the stalking game takes a frightening turn when Chelsea ramps up her goal to not only eliminate her competition but to kill Craig himself for love, all while the law seems helpless to stop her. Will Taylor and Craig survive Chelsea’s mission to destroy them both?

Diane Gilmore

Diane Gilmore is a multi-published author in both the legal and medical fields. She is the author of several post-secondary textbooks as well as articles and reviews for a South Florida music magazine. A Perilous Obsession is her second novel in a romantic suspense series of the adventures of Taylor Fairchild and Craig Phillips.
Diane lives in rural Tennessee with her husband, where they work together on a self-sufficient lifestyle. She loves to read, garden, and spend time with family. She enjoys reading novels that move quickly, with strong bonds between protective men and independent heroines.  Diane believes great stories are everywhere—all you have to do is open your mind to them.

A Perilous Pursuit

L.A. music insider Taylor Fairchild travels to England to escape a hectic work schedule and failed marriage. There she meets sexy musician Craig Phillips, who unknown to her, supplements his band’s income by working as a drop man for powerful drug kingpin Robert Cabrera. Their new love burns hot with steamy excitement when Craig returns to the States with Taylor and moves up in the music industry as America’s newest rock star . . . until Craig’s shady past catches up with him and threatens their love as well as their very lives. When Craig suddenly disappears in Mexico, Taylor sets out to find him on her own, where a terrifying game of lies, murder, and a vicious drug lord bent on revenge await her. Will Taylor and Craig find each other before the dangerous politics of the dope dollar and the long-buried secrets from Taylor's past overcome them both?

Diane Gilmore

Diane Gilmore is a multi-published author in both the legal and medical fields. She is the author of several post-secondary textbooks as well as articles and reviews for a South Florida music magazine.

Diane lives in rural Tennessee with her husband, where they work together on a self-sufficient lifestyle. She loves to read, garden, and spend time with family. She enjoys reading novels that move quickly, with strong bonds between protective men and independent heroines.  Diane believes great stories are everywhere—all you have to do is open your mind to them.

The Trouble with Student Affairs

Seamlessly switching gears after the Omaha Prize winning Resurrecting Virgil, Dorie LaRue delivers a fast-moving satire of university life that propels the campus novel into the postmodern age. The setting is a once poky state university whose new chancellor is determined to compete with an elite nearby private university. Seizing upon the great equalizer, privatization, and a corrupting system of rewards to inspire the faculty to greater effort, he solves the problem of state school insolvency and creates a quagmire of never-ending greed and cutthroat competition. Enter Joyce Michalak, the spiritual child of Lucky Jim and Miss Jean Brodie, who hopes to become a member of the tenured living and believes her forthcoming book from Oxford Press will be her ticket— and her talisman. She chooses this time to have an affair with an exchange student from a war-torn land. Can he and a neo millennial generation of students sitting behind laptops, polishing up Facebook pages, text messaging, and secretly recording her classes for YouTube save her from the same lack of moral agency as her colleagues’?


Dorie LaRue

Dorie LaRue is the author of two novels, Resurrecting Virgil, by Backwaters Imprint of the University of Nebraska Press; and The Trouble With Student Affairs, from Artemis Press; a chapbook of poetry, Seeking the Monsters, by New Spirit Press; a full length collection of poetry, Mad Rains by Kelsay Press, and a forthcoming full length collection of poetry, An Enemy in Their Mouths from Finishing Line Press. She recently received second place for Only Visiting This Planet in the West Virginia Writing Awards for 2019. She has attended Bread Loaf, and Squaw Valley, and Martha’s Vineyard workshops. Her fiction and poetry and book reviews have appeared in a variety of journals including, The Southern Review, The Maryland Poetry Review, and The American Poetry Review. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, and teaches writing and literature at LSU in Shreveport.

Dynamic Entry

Sophie Pearsons is a fiercely independent undercover policewoman who refuses to let any man stand in her way or gain entry into her heart, until a chance meeting with Ross Andrews and she feels a pull towards him she has never felt before. Jason Hamilton is a gangster and an ex-mark of Sophie's, who is delighted to be reunited with her, only he knows her as Sophie Peterson, car dealer, and introduces her as so to Ross on their date. Split between her job and her love life, Sophie is pushed into lying to Ross about her identity; something she promised herself she would never do due to her father and his two families. The collision of her two lives pulls Ross into the dangerous underworld of protection rackets, drugs, and guns until Jason, desperate for revenge, holds him hostage forcing the truth come out. Will Ross forgive her for her lies? Or was she right all along with keeping her heart hidden? Dynamic Entry is a thriller romance novel based in Glasgow and deals with love, deception and revenge.

Fiona Morgan

In addition to Dynamic Entry, Fiona Morgan is the author of thriller romance novels Free and What's Mine. She began writing as a way to fight depression. She enjoys writing about strong female characters who find their inner strength. In her day job, she works as a British Sign Language Facilitator and a Deafblind Guide Communicator, having learned BSL after the birth of her second daughter. She lives in Airdrie, a small town near Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband and two daughters. Her ambition is to be a full-time author, writing and attending writing festivals and book signings.

The Murders Of The Prophecy

Not only can a camera freeze time, if only for a slight second, but a camera can also recreate haunting memories – if cursed by an evil psychic who murders for fame and money.

Marshall Withers became a renowned detective after capturing a psychic who had been killing certain clients to show his accuracy when predicting their deaths. Not soon after, Marshall’s partner in the police force is killed by a mobster hitman. Marshall teams up with Salman to perform one last murder and kill the hitman but after the deed, Marshall takes back his word to Salman. Being a true psychic, Salman knew Michael would and places a curse not on Marshall, but his family. After Marshall’s death following cancer, his son, Michael, finds a camera but when opening the camera, he finds a note written by his dad – a note warning him of future carnage. Michael begins using the camera which in itself, forces the film to recreate horror and bring up the curse of Salman. Through many untimely deaths and much violence, the truth is revealed but it’s too late. The ending is near but the truth reveals a dark past for the family’s new beginning.

Benjamin Mollenhour

Benjamin Mollenhour lives with his wife, Vy, in Seattle, Washington. He has written prose and poetry and has had numerous non-fiction and creative non-fiction articles published. He published his first book, Carnival Ride, and is now releasing his second novel, Murders of the Prophecy. Be on the lookout for an upcoming memoir, Letters from Fort Lyon Sanatorium, 1929-1930. Please check out for publications, contact information and links.

Mill Village

It is 1943 and Annie Winston waits at the train station in downtown Opelika, Alabama for the military police to unload what is presumed to be Japanese POWs for internment into Camp Opelika, just outside Pepperell Mill Village. The waiting crowd discovers the soldiers are not Japanese, but German. In the months to follow, Annie finds herself embroiled in a romance with German POW, Gunter Wolff, leading to misunderstanding, mistaken identity, and an ultimate tragedy.

It is 1992 and Chaz Champion has received devastating news. The Pepperell Mill, his pride and joy, has burned to the ground. Upon his tour of the devastation he finds the rusted, disintegrating remnants of an old German dog tag. He sets out to uncover the identity of the person whose tag he holds and with the help of friends, exposes the story of the tag and its tales of forbidden love, murder, and family secrets.

Mill Village mingles the stories of Chaz in 1992 and Annie and Gunter in 1943, taking the reader on a journey both to the past and to far off destinations in the present. Throughout his quest for truth, Chaz learns an important lesson about the preservation of history, family, and friendships.

Lei Robison

Retired educator Lei Robison has taught all elementary grade levels with the exception of Kindergarten in the state of Georgia. Originally from Opelika, Alabama, she graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree and then received both Master’s and Specialist’s degrees from Piedmont College in Georgia. She met her husband, Curt while on a mission trip to Honduras. They share their home in Northeast Georgia with two teenage daughters, one a high school sophomore and the other a college freshman. Mill Village is her debut novel.

The Heart Speaks

The Heart Speaks is a collection of poems filled with the raw emotions of life we can all relate to - love, loss, pain, gratitude, as well as the grace and hope of God’s promises. Read the messages in this touching assortment, told in a way that only the heart can convey, and let the words speak to your soul.

Ernest Roberson, Sr.

Ernest Roberson, Sr. was born in Glenwood, Georgia, where he has lived for most of his life. He is the author of speculative fiction and horror books. His 15 short stories have been published in Blood Moon Rising Magazine.

Salt's War

Sam’s life is turned upside down when loses his father in an underwater submarine collision while on patrol as captain of HMS Narwhal, a fleet class Porpoise attack submarine. Following his mother’s death shortly thereafter, Sam is sent to a Royal Naval orphanage called T.S. Seaway in a remote part of Anglesey, where he is plunged into the dangerous world of Soviet spying and gruesome murders. Survival at Seaway turns out to be the biggest challenge young Salty has ever encountered as he faces an old enemy, Leonid Medhev, Kapitan of the M410, a Russian Quebec class attack submarine, the same submarine that collided with Narwhal and killed his father, Captain Brian Salt. Will Salty survive the subversive tactics of a Soviet spy ring whose goal is to now destroy him?

Nigel J. Williams

I was born into a lower middle class family whose favourite saying was; “Go to work young man.” You see my family bred into me a very strong work ethic, and it has stayed with me ever since. So, then, aged sixteen I went to work and by the time I had reached twenty two I was an electrician employing eleven other fully skilled, and very lively electrician’s and apprentice’s. Business then took me by the hand and after a period of about thirty years, I happily announced my retirement at the tender young age of 57. And I have to say I am enjoying every minute of it. Writing has replaced business for me, but the work ethic is still there. And I couldn’t be happier. I now live happily in the lovely county of Gloucestershire famously described by the poet Laurie Lee as “The graveyard of all ambition.” I really hope you enjoy reading Salt’s War as much as I did writing it. Some of my true life experiences are intermingled in the book so enjoy. You can contact me at

Blessed War

A disillusioned faith healer with a tragic past, an embittered unbeliever whose heart is shattered, the world's most dysfunctional family: all believing they are broken and useless. Thrown together into the peaceful, untouched wilderness of British Columbia, they must become the champions they are meant to be.
For God has turned His hourglass and set forces in motion against gathering evil, asking only that this lesson be learned: in His eyes, no vessel is truly broken, and in His hands, all can be used.
They need only come...

Heather Hood

Heather is that old Hippie your parents warned you about. She lives off grid in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies near Idaho, where she homesteads with her trusty canine companion, Sam. People are rare, so she holds long rambling conversations on dialogue and plot twists with the chickens and the alpaca. When not writing (which is rare) she gardens, builds things or shovels snow or…you know, manure.
Having spent 35 years as a psychiatric nurse and herbalist, she champions mental health and believes ‘dis-ability’ is just another word. We can do anything, one step at a time. Life is all about the journey, so roll the window down, stick your head out with the dog, and enjoy.
You can read her stories in Anthologies at Clarendon House Publishing. (Rapture, Miracle and Tempest) available here as well as Zombie Pirate Publishers (World War Four) and Impossible Hope by Superversive Press available on
Heather can be reached at or you can follow her at HK_Hood on twitter.

Guardian Angel

Angela and her loving husband, James, were in a train crash in which James perished but Angela survived. Angela feels guilty that she lived, but accepts the hand fate has dealt her. She carries on with her life, raising her teenage daughter and running the business she and James had started together. Then one day she meets Steven, the architect she hires to design her new building, and soon falls for him. But she has a problem--James has returned in spirit as her self-appointed “guardian angel”! He continues to show up in her life, becoming a meddling ghost only she can see and who threatens to derail her future with her new man. She is now faced with the task of banishing him, but will she succeed while keeping her relationship with Steven intact?

Vibert Miller

Vibert Miller’s career as a writer stretches back to his high school years when he published short stories. He emigrated to the United States from Guyana, to attend college and while there, he turned out a few articles and a poem. He has traveled extensively and has experienced other cultures up close, so his stories, although they are fiction, have an air of authenticity. He likes to read and write romantic stories that deliver a punch, many of them veering into the realm of the paranormal. He has written more than twelve novels so far and lives in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

End of Tour

NYPD Officer Pete Thron was a rising star in the department’s Housing Authority PD during the era of the war on drugs in Upper Manhattan, conducting top secret undercover operations, squeezing snitches for information, and arresting criminals. Then in a split second, his career came crashing down during a buy-and-bust operation gone awry, becoming victim to the city’s brutal police politics. Finding himself behind bars and betrayed by the job he loved and bled for, Thron switches gears to give a brutally honest portrait of a street cop serving time in the New York penal system among the hardened criminals he once arrested.

Thron’s story gives a gripping picture of what it means to protect, serve, and defend among the ranks of New York's finest in the midst of deep-seated police corruption.

Pete Thron

Pete Thron was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He was a New York City Housing Authority police officer for nearly a decade and involved in hundreds of arrests, most of which were narcotic related. During his career as a police officer in the most dangerous areas in New York City, he made over 500 personal arrests and assisted in over a thousand others. He has been awarded with over 25 medals and 75 written commendations for bravery. He has also worked in criminal investigations, private security, and as a sports consultant. He currently lives in Long Island and has three children. End of Tour is his debut nonfiction work.

The Palatinii Cycle

Katie was a normal girl living a normal life – graduating high school, dating and working. But unknown to her, she wasn’t even born on earth. After learning of her past, along with some unfortunate circumstances, Katie is sent back to her home world, where she sets out on a race to save her father, and the world itself, from a wicked Queen who plans to unleash evil upon it. Throughout her journey, Katie will have to learn to fully control her powers while encountering magical beasts, malevolent spirits and a fabled ship of vile pirates, along with new threats she never even imagined. But no one could stop the Queen before, so what makes Katie so different?

G’vonni Orion Avner

G’vonni Orion Avner was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After residing in Florida for seven years, he moved back to LA. While working his 9-5 job, he imagines new worlds and stories to be told. Maybe one day he will tell them all.