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Artemis Publishing Company accepts book proposals in a variety of genres for consideration. 

Please see the Submission Guidelines below for instructions on submitting your work

 Currently, we are seeking submissions for the following fiction categories:

  • ROMANCE (all subgenres, including erotic romance, except for the limitations below)

We do not publish the obvious — extreme violence, bestiality, or books that promote illegal activity in any category.

  1.  Submit your work to Submissions.
  2. Submit a query letter outlining the name of your book and word count, and if it is part of a series.
  3. Give a short summary of the story and what audience you are targeting and why.
  4. Let us know if you have previous works published and your author page reference if you have one.
  5. Include your real name (and pen name, if you have one), address, phone number, and e-mail address in order to receive a reply to your proposal.
  6. Attach a synopsis of your work along with 3 sample chapters.
  7. Prepare all attachments in MS-WORD with 1” margins, and double-spaced.

Please allow 1-4 weeks for a response. We can’t publish every book sent to us, but we do give every submission the careful attention it deserves and we always respond to a query, never ignoring it. If you have not heard back after a few weeks, feel free to send a short e-mail, letting us know you are still waiting. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer advice on book writing or suggest other publishing companies for your work.

Artemis Publishing Company is a traditional, royalties-paying publisher.  Authors are not charged for editing, design, or marketing services.  We don’t charge you a fee to publish your book.

We accept manuscripts based on our belief in your story and its viability in the marketplace.  Royalty terms, which are more generous than other publishing companies our size, are provided in the contract if one is offered.  Authors may purchase softbound copies of their books at a discount without any constraints on where or how they sell or give away these books.  This allows the author to sell their softbound titles themselves at book fairs or other events at a bigger profit than through a third-party vendor such as Amazon.

If your work is accepted for publication, you will work with an editor to perfect your work and a cover artist to create a book cover (or you may provide your own), which are both needed to get the work in a publishable format.  Artemis will provide the ISBN for all formats of the work.

By working together, you will continue to grow and improve as an author. Thank you for your interest in Artemis Publishing Company!

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