Lei Robison

Lei Robison is a vlogger, blogger, and author of Historical Romance.
Liar’s Bloodline is the second in a series of fictional novels based in her hometown of Opelika, Alabama.
A graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor’s degree in education, and a master’s and specialist’s degree from Piedmont College, she retired in 2018 after thirty years in education. She now concentrates on writing and vlogging her family life, and is an avid traveler and history enthusiast.

Ashleigh Burrows

Alleigh Burrows was enjoying a lovely drive up the NY Thruway when she noticed the flashing red and blue lights of a police car zooming up behind her. This real-life experience inspired her to write Catching a Pixie, a meet cute between a graduate student and a NY State Trooper. Catching a Pixie is Burrows second novel. Her first book, Dare to Love, an historical regency romance, earned her PAN membership in the Romance Writers of America. Alleigh lives in Delaware with her husband and their sweet lump of a cat. Be sure to visit her website at or on Twitter @AlleighBurrows to see what her next project will be.

Benjamin Mollenhour

Benjamin Mollenhour lives with his wife, Vy, in Seattle, Washington. He has written prose and poetry and has had numerous non-fiction and creative non-fiction articles published. He published his first book, Carnival Ride, and is now releasing his second novel, Murders of the Prophecy. Be on the lookout for an upcoming memoir, Letters from Fort Lyon Sanatorium, 1929-1930. Please check out for publications, contact information and links.

E. M. Larkin

Enda Larkin is an Irish entrepreneur and author who has previously written extensively on business subjects. Into the Fire is his debut novel. He currently lives in Dublin and is father to the wonderful Keeva and Emily.


While obtaining his Ph.D. in Engineering, Herbert W. Doty became fascinated by the multitude of beliefs held by his international classmates and frustrated by his own lack of a working understanding of his Christian traditions and beliefs. Using his research skills, he set out to search for the truth in the spiritual world that everybody seemed to be preaching about but never able to fully explain. The Watchers is his debut novel about one man’s journey to the deep past in search of the reality that exists just behind the scenes and how this reality guides history. Herbert currently resides in Fenton, Michigan with his wife Cindy, the youngest of four grown children, and family dog Bella.


Tony DiLeonardo

After a military career, Tony Di Leonardo worked for a large corporation as a Team Chief. Tony also coached basketball and soccer at all levels from pre-school through college. After a stroke, Tony took up writing as part of his therapy which led to his first novel, the humorous mystery, “Death by Drive-By.”

William Jeffers

Raised in Mason County, West Virginia, William Jeffers is a husband to a wonderful wife with two children and two fur children. He could not be where he is today without the supportive family that surrounds him. He enjoys reading, writing, spending time with family and playing the part of Dungeon Master for his son and their groups. He can be found at


Von Bloome’s writing is inspired by actual events and fictionalized for dramatic effects. She also enjoys writing children’s books, self-help material for women as well as satire about relationships. She has written numerous articles for online magazines, and a novel, The Dungeon, and she plans to publish more in the near future. Her interests involve studying untraditional healing, herbal treatments, reading, and taphophilia

Jean Baxter

Jean Baxter was born and raised in Wisconsin and has spent all of her adult life in Green Bay. Her first novel, Salvageable was published in 2017, followed by it’s sequel Unfathomable in 2019. That Forgiveness Thing is her first stand alone book. Her preferred genre is YA contemporary. She also enjoys traveling, golfing, skiing, biking, sewing, knitting and gardening. Rain or shine, snow or sun, she walks everyday, time to dream up new scenarios for her stories.

S.K. Menelle

Sophia Menelle is not just an author, but also choreographer, teacher, and performer. Graduating high school at the young age of sixteen, she went on to pursue professionally dancing at the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II for over two seasons. She often journeys through various forms of storytelling based on personal experiences and spiritual awakenings, whether in her own choreography or her writing. She currently resides in Ohio with her cat Prada, and is a women’s advocate on issues such as sexual violence and abuse.

Rebecca Hendrickson

Rebecca Hendrickson is a special education teacher at an alternative high school in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Norwalk, Connecticut is where she resides with her husband and two children. She has previously published The Four Trimesters; Poems Highlighting the Joys of Motherhood, which can be found on Amazon. Writing has always been her creative outlet, and Lessons from the Mountain is her first work of fiction.

Pete Thron

Pete Thron was born and raised in Long Island, New York. He was a New York City Housing Authority police officer for nearly a decade and involved in hundreds of arrests, most of which were narcotic related. During his career as a police officer in the most dangerous areas in New York City, he made over 500 personal arrests and assisted in over a thousand others. He has been awarded with over 25 medals and 75 written commendations for bravery. He has also worked in criminal investigations, private security, and as a sports consultant. He currently lives in Long Island and has three children. End of Tour is his debut nonfiction work.

Heather Hood

Heather is that old Hippie your parents warned you about. She lives off grid in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies near Idaho, where she homesteads with her trusty canine companion, Sam. She champions mental health and believes ‘dis-ability’ is just another word. We can do anything, one step at a time. Heather can be reached at or you can follow her at @HK_Hood on twitter

S.K. Jansky

SK JANSKY has always had a passion for writing, whether it be silly song lyrics sung around the campfire, made-to-order birthday poetry, introductions to family cookbooks, short stories, or a full-length novel. She draws her inspiration for writing from the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Her goal when writing is to paint a vivid picture with her words. “When I’m writing a story, I want the reader to imagine the same thing I’m seeing unfold in my head. I want them to feel like they’re almost there, not just reading about it.”

Fiona Morgan

In addition to Dynamic Entry, Fiona Morgan is the author of thriller romance novels Free and What’s Mine. She began writing as a way to fight depression. She enjoys writing about strong female characters who find their inner strength. In her day job, she works as a British Sign Language Facilitator and a Deafblind Guide Communicator, having learned BSL after the birth of her second daughter. She lives in Airdrie, a small town near Glasgow, Scotland, with her husband and two daughters. Her ambition is to be a full-time author, writing and attending writing festivals and book signings.

Dorie Larue

Dorie LaRue is the author of one novel, one collection of poetry, and is at work on one collection of short stories. Her fiction and poetry and book reviews have appeared in a variety of journals including, The Southern Review, The Maryland Poetry Review, and The American Poetry Review. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana and teaches writing at LSUS.

Diane Gilmore

Diane Gilmore is a multi-published author in both the legal and medical fields. She is the author of several post-secondary textbooks as well as articles and reviews for a South Florida music magazine.  A Perilous Obsession is her second novel in the “Perilous…” romantic suspense series of the adventures of Taylor Fairchild and Craig Phillips, the first being A Perilous Pursuit

Diane lives in rural Tennessee with her husband Jim, where they work together on a self-sufficient lifestyle. She loves to read, garden, and spend time with family. She enjoys reading novels that move quickly, with strong bonds between protective men and independent heroines.  Diane believes great stories are everywhere—all you have to do is open your mind to them.