Welcome to Artemis Publishing Company, an independent publisher dedicated to helping new and established authors create high-quality books that match their vision. We provide readers with thoughtful and authoritative books in a wide range of fiction categories and formats.

Taking its name from the courageous Greek goddess known for independence and determination, Artemis has launched a fully integrated company, taking a hands-on approach to bringing an author’s work to market.  Our capabilities include title acquisition and development and editorial assistance for authors, as well as a variety of promotion methods, sales, and distribution.  Our books are available to the public in some of the largest markets, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers, in both digital and paperback.

We offer full support to authors by an experienced publishing team while retaining a generous royalty percentage for their work that is one of the highest in the business.  We pledge to work extensively with authors from the initial submission to the final product, keeping communications open and responding promptly. 

Whether you’re a writer working on your debut novel or an established author looking for a company to help bring your product to market, Artemis Publishing Company has the tools and experience to help bring your story to life.