Death by Drive-By

Prematurely retired after suffering a stroke, San Francisco detective Vinny Oliveto’s life turns upside down when he finds himself stuck at the Gold Doors nursing home in the middle of Kansas. His fortunes change, however, when he encounters two wheelchair bound octogenarians who secure a detective’s license for him in the hopes he can solve a ticket scam and a series of petty thefts.

Death by Drive-By follows the exploits of Vinny Oliveto, an unconventional sleuth who attempts to solve multiple mysteries ranging from theft to murder in an action packed, roller coaster ride laced with humor. After the drive-by shooting of a beloved long-time resident, the desperate Gold Doors director seeks Vinny’s help. Vinny, unleashed, launches multiple investigations across several states in a chase for the manipulator behind the murder.

All things are not as they seem.