Mindset of a Playa: 101 Ways To Tell if He’s Cheating On You

Ladies, are you feeling anxious, stressed out, and losing sleep over your relationship going off the rails as you wonder with a breaking heart why he’s acting so different lately? Do you suspect he may be using you? Cheating on you? There’s a reason for the alarm bells going off in your head. You may be the victim of a playa, a man who uses deception and charm to get with as many ladies as possible, including you, all at the same time. A master manipulator, a playa counts on your complete trust and faithful devotion to get what he wants from you before moving on to his next victim.

This practical guide, laid out in convenient, easy-to-read and sometimes humorous lessons, will teach you to spot the proven tactics of a playa and his unmistakable signs of cheating and deception like Sherlock Holmes. Once you learn how a playa operates, you will possess the tools you need to expertly cut the dishonest men out of your life, reclaim your dignity, and find happiness again

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