Mobbed Up in Suburbia

Los Angeles defense attorney John Martin is on an LA bound flight when his plane is diverted to Pittsburgh, his hometown. While waiting to get on another flight, he picks up a local paper to find there’s been an attempt on his father’s life.

John’s had no contact with his mafioso father, The Don, in fifteen years. He agrees to a short visit, but walks into a war raging in the aftermath of the fatal beating of a mob-run club owner over the fate of a beautiful, erudite bar girl…a girl with whom The Don has a mysterious relationship.

It falls on John to act in his father’s stead, but as he gets drawn into the life he’s gone well out of his way to avoid, he sees his only way to save his father’s life, as well as the life of the girl, is to abduct her himself. Of course, the rival Costello Family has a similar notion.