We Are The Murder Victims Who Lived: A Survivor’s Truth on Sexual Assault

This book serves as a beacon of hope to survivors of sexual assault as well as a wake-up call for a society blinded by darkness. The book targets audiences of every age and gender and sexual orientation, presenting itself as a safe zone specifically for women, a comfort for those previously affected by sexual violence, assault, and abuse. It is also written for those who are trying to understand what has happened to their loved ones, navigating through the unknown. It is an education in the horrors of sexual assault, a spit in the face of the writer’s very own rapist. It paves its way as a testimony to the power of good people. It is an education in the phases that survivors of sexual assault face, denial, hate, hiding, shame, and fear, which then lends itself to hopefulness, unbounding love, and truth. It is a plea for people to listen, forcing us to look at the ways in which we view sex and relationships, and consider whether we will raise our very own sons from boys to men–or from boys to rapists.